The Catering Business

Like any business, starting a small catering business may require some financial investment from your part. Even small caterers sometimes need to put a portion of their house up as collateral to secure a loan. Although this can sometimes be a risk it also brings the ability to create a business and make money.

How much will it cost to open a catering business? On average you might be able to set up a catering company at about $ 2,000. That includes all the necessary licenses, insurance, taxes, and fees, but may not include supplies and equipment. You can call the local county clerk to determine what the state agency responsible for regulating company licenses or an LLC. Together with a commercial license, you must obtain a tax ID number or an EIN. In the USA You can get one by going to the IRS website at You’ll also need a food handler’s permit for you and your team depending on your locality. If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages there might be additional licensing. Then there are some additional costs to consider, in getting your name out, you need the help of advertising. Plus don’t forget to consider the cost of supplies and equipment, it really depends on how big you want to start you own catering business. Minimum exposure to advertising will probably cost about $ 250 to $ 800 just to start. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough money to live on while your business takes off and starts blossoming. It may take some time for a new company to start earning a profit when it is at the beginning stages.

Owning a business such as catering, means besides doing all that is required to cook, prepare, design, decorate food, but also means you are going to be a bookkeeper, a manager, an organizer, a salesman, and marketing expert, among other things. Another aspect of the commercial duties includes having and maintaining a website emailing and responding to scheduling, all of this might require some technical knowledge.

Aside from planning and preserving the whole business by yourself you can hire someone to do some of these tasks before you hire. One of the most important missions must be to get your hands on as many new sales as you possibly can, for without sales you have no business. Just by being a peoples-person and being friendly with people from your area will get you some clients, and hopefully they will be so happy with your service that they will talk to other people about it, creating more sales.

As a business that provides service to people it is incumbent upon you to have the ability to communicate efficiently with strangers, as if they were your acquaintances. You have to look forward to your customer’s needs and the ability to meet every challenge presented to you. Remember good communication means more business.

If you feel a bit fatigued about the skills required to open your own successful catering business, there are steps you can take to prepare. It helps to talk to people who have opened their own business, not necessarily a catering business but even some other field, they might have gone through some of the same challenges you will face, and can give solutions to many of the same problems you have faced. You do not need to go to business school to open a catering business, but there are several courses you can take to help your business.

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