A How To Catering Business Guide

You have ambitions; you have the resources, but are you really ready to run and manage your own catering business? Running and managing any kind of business requires time and effort. Learning how to run a catering business requires late nights and weekends. There are no 9 to 5 hours when you own your own catering business.

How To Cater

A typical affair catered by you will take some preparation and effort. After the affair is fully booked, there are many tasks before the day of the event that should be accomplished. You will have to write down all the necessary information from the client including what type of event it is going to be. It is also very important to know in advance how many guests will show up at the party. Ask the client if the affair is to going to be a sit down dinner or buffet style? All these things are important in deciding a menu. Few customers already know what menu they want you to serve, but the majority of clients will need to sit down with you to discuss what they want, and what you have to offer, and of course different prices for different menus. Together you and the client will choose each course accordingly, and don’t be surprised if many customers will want to taste a sample prior to the event. A very smart idea is to prepare a small sample of each of the food types you plan on serving at the event beforehand. This is a cheap idea and will go a long way to making your clients really happy. It just might be the thing that gets your client happy enough to brag to his friends about the exceptional caterer he is using. Often times the sample of food you have prepared for the tasting may fit in perfect with their taste, but if they find one of the samples not to be exactly the way they want it, don’t worry that’s ok, just be prepared with some alternatives and suggestions. Being knowledgeable is a great way to insure confidence in your client and will go a long way in impressing them.

Sometimes you will get an affair booked that is so large you actually need to hire extra help, more cooks, servers, and people to prepare and decorate. Depending on the size of the event that’s how much extra help you may need to hire, or get you family involved. It is generally a good idea to keep a list of workers you can hire in advance for an occasion if the event calls for it. Even though most people who own a catering company do all the cooking and baking and designing themselves, it is still a good idea to look into hiring that extra help when needed like a large affair. Create a relationship with those wonderful servers that you see are doing a great job. Workers that already know you and have worked with you in the past are much more likely to do a good job, because you already know each other. Therefore try to keep in touch with those good workers and keep a list handy.

Days before the event make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, and the equipment you’ll need. You also need to plan how long it may take you to prepare and decorate, so make sure you have enough time, and start early. After the party is over, don’t forget about the cleaning process, another thing to keep in mind when you are considering to hire or not to hire extra help.

It is not overly hard to run a catering business considering you stay organized and have a well thought out plan for each and every event beforehand. Although it will require more effort and endurance, you have to be able to maintain a positive perspective. Running your own catering business gives you a great opportunity to pioneer new things and improve your talents; you never know where that might lead you.

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